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Xircus Web3 Protocol believes that an open, scalable and flexible protocol can transcend the test of time of blockchain powered applications for mainstream and business uses
  • Openness, Decentralization & Scalability:
    • An open ecosystem promoting integration and collaboration.
    • Decentralization at its core, utilizing sharding at the API level for optimized data requests.
    • Designed for scalability, accommodating future demands from users, web3 dApps, and transactions.
  • Empowerment & Revenue Opportunities:
    • Enables users to craft custom web3 dApps without coding.
    • Designers can monetize by creating sellable themes for dApps; developers can monetize add-ons, enriching the protocol's versatility and reach.
    • (Gamified) Token utilitiy, every contributor gets a fair share within the Xircus Ecosystem
  • Future-Proofing & Resilience:
    • All marketplace data is permanently secured on-chain, ensuring longevity.
    • Offers synchronization with available GraphQL providers, preventing disruptions and ensuring dApp sustainability.
  • Modularization & Flexibility:
    • Modular components akin to 'lego blocks' for easy integration into any web3 dApp.
    • Instant change the 'look & feel' of your dApp by using templates
    • Enhances functionalities and boosts user engagement.
  • Accessibility & Web3 Utility:
    • Broadens the reach of dApps across various devices, from browsers to smart TVs.
    • Evolved as a holistic web3 service, providing swift dApp creation tools and development kits in a fully agnostic fashion