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Web3 Problems

Developing Web3 DApps with Xircus Web3 Protocol is complex and costly, leading to longer launch times. Unique design needs and market shifts contribute to these challenges.

Complexity in Web3 App Design

Unique features tailored to specific niches.
Difficulties in designing and coding smart contracts.
The need for detailed planning in application structure.
Potential issues with centralization.

High Costs of Development

With the rapid adoption of Web3, finding skilled developers becomes harder.
Crafting smart contracts can begin at prices like $10,000.
Comprehensive app development may start from $20,000.
Centralized turnkey solutions might offer less control and demand hefty initial investments.

Extended Launch Timelines

Time-consuming development and thorough testing phases.
Gaining user trust and acceptance.
Ensuring the product meets market needs.
Adapting to ever-changing market dynamics.