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Delve into Xircus' tokenomics, covering its distribution strategies and release schedules. Gain insight into the financial structure driving the platform's ecosystem
The Xircus ecosystem is the foundation of the entire Xircus ecosystem, seamlessly integrating token holders, the designer community, the developer community, and its dApp owners into a unified model.
The Self-sustaining Token Economy

At its core are four unique and distinct types of tokens:

  • XW3 (Native Token) is used for rewards and payments.
  • XPS (XircusPunks) is used for governance.
  • XST (XircusSkins) serves as designer-driven templates.
  • XMD (XircusModules) serves as additional components crafted by developers.
Every token possesses its unique function, purpose, and utility within the ecosystem. While there's a primary token currency, the others function as NFTs. They harmoniously complement each other, allowing users the freedom to select based on their specific needs and roles within the Xircus platform.
Whether you hold a single token or a collection, benefits and rewards await.
Together, these tokens drive collaboration, expansion opportunities, and innovation, building a closely connected web3 community space!