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Advisory Board

Evan Luthra Linkedin / Instagram
I'm Evan Luthra, a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur in 2021 and 2023, recognized for my expertise in blockchain and NFTs by USATODAY and Business Insider. Since age 13, I've created 30+ apps and sold my first for $1.7M at 17. As an investor and advisor, I've helped 100+ Web2 and 400+ Web3 companies with a $100B+ combined market cap.
Featured on 8+ TV shows, with 7 TEDx talks, I've spoken at World Economic Forum, UN, G20 Summit, and renowned universities worldwide. In crypto since 2014, I boosted projects from $10M to $10B+ as a crypto investment bank manager from 2016 to 2018. My portfolio includes industry leaders like Hashgraph and Ripple.
Recently, I've advised 25+ projects, delivering 100x returns. My NFT portfolio includes Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and more worth over $5M+. I'm also building, a global web3 community chain of hotels.
As a published author, I contribute to top-tier outlets. I foresaw the rise of Play-to-Earn gaming and the impact of metaverses on new economic models. I discussed the future of governance with DAOs before it was trendy.
Join me on Instagram (2M+ followers) and Twitter for in-depth discussions on complex topics.
Ian Scarffe  Linkedin
Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant with a wealth of international business experience. His passion lies in fostering entrepreneurship and assisting startups in reaching their full potential, alongside helping established companies expand. Notably, Ian is the founder of 'Binkplus,' a European startup incubator.
Furthermore, Ian holds the position of Independent Expert at the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program. His expertise spans across the Startup, Investment, Fintech, and Blockchain sectors, where he provides consultation and guidance to numerous multi-million dollar enterprises.
Ian's overarching mission is to cultivate a society of economically independent individuals who actively contribute to the betterment of communities worldwide. His dedication to customer service, combined with a vast knowledge base and hands-on experience in various roles, make him an invaluable asset to companies globally.
Ian specializes in collaborating with reputable companies in the Blockchain, NFT Marketplaces, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Play2Earn Games, and IDO sectors, particularly those with proven track records and credible funding propositions. He enjoys substantial support from a diverse array of backers, including Blockchain Angels, Accredited investors, Venture Capital Firms, and more.
His influential stature is widely recognized, as Ian is acknowledged as a top global influencer in Blockchain and Fintech. Moreover, he holds the prestigious number 1 ranking among Blockchain Advisors.

Jason Hung Linkedin Jason has more than 25 years experience as serial entrepreneur, executive management and consultant. His proven track records: - 10+ years consulting experiences at several global Fortune 500 companies and leading IT companies, such as JDE, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Mitac Group, Systex and iSoftStone - 20+ years working experience in multi-national company and high-tech company as founder, C-level or VP position. - Advisor for 70+ crypto projects in past 5 years. Include VirtualVersions, Intema, Xircus, Starzz, SwordsOfBlood, Evveland, AI-Tech and Catheon Gaming ..etc. Award: - Oracle (PeopleSoft) International Sale Award 2002 - Oracle (PeopleSoft) International Sale Award 2003 - National Innovation and Research Award 2009 - National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award 2012 - National Invention Award 2012 - 9 patents applications for mobile Internet, technology and applications

Hamza Khan  Linkedin
Hamza Khan, Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 7-year experience in the crypto world. And an expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market. And also helped many non-ico projects to get their communities and to be well known among the Stellar Platform. And also in contact with many well-known exchanges for listing the projects after their successful ico.

Muhammad Irfan Linkedin
With over 8 years of experience and 100+ successful crypto and blockchain projects under his belt, he's an expert in executing bounty campaigns, including social media, airdrops, translations, and signatures. His track record speaks for itself, as we've consistently delivered quality results and forged lasting client relationships. His success stories involve elevating project visibility, expanding communities, and achieving fundraising goals. In the dynamic blockchain and crypto landscape, Muhammad Irfan and our team are here to propel our project to success.