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Xircus revamped the entire architecture for the long term betterment of the platform
We're around since 2021 since we first launch our beta marketplace deployer. From that moment, we know we are building something special for the web3 space in whole. The end-to-end web solution. One of our key differentiators, we can probably use the term NFT 2.0 (NFTs with utility or purpose) as we are reinventing on how NFTs can revolutionize the world as we bridge both digital and physical assets to become on-chain non fungible assets.
We want to deliver the best product possible and directing the protocol to its supposed destination requires an ample amount of time to accomplish. This will never be possible without the patience and support of our community, advisors and investors.
Xircus has been developing continuously to deliver products that was never seen before combining the features intended to scale massively for long term. We can't sacrifice to hype the protocol for short term quick profit schemes. We're product-first founders and wants to showcase a working project that everyone can build ideas or NFT business on the top of it.