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dApp Deployer

Deploy an dApp in one step. No credit card required, no wallet keys importing. Just connect your wallet to authenticate.

One Step Deployment

We trim and simplified the deployment process to make it one step by rewriting our factory contracts. It utilizes upgradable implementation of clone-able contracts for marketplaces, launchpads, DeFi and predictions markets

The Factory Contract

The factory smart contracts are improved to achieve cheaper gas usage and one step dApp deployment which is better compared to previous deployer versions that requires 2 or even 6 steps to complete the deployment. The new deployer studio offers an easier way to fill in the information, set provisional subdomain url, select the correct skin for the category, niche or business type, adding crypto currency as payment token and set the commission for listing and purchase transaction fees.

The Factory Features:

Currency Manager

The factory can be configured with stable and non-stable coins that can be used as payment currency in deployed marketplaces. Stable coins are configured with no decentralized exchange but non-stable coins requires a stable pair / trusted native token and decentralize exchange, example is BNB-BUSD pair in PancakeSwap.

Instant Currency and Decentralize Exchange Verification

The factory verifies the currency being added if correctly paired with a stable coin and uses a version decentralized exchange router such as PancakeSwap V2 or SushiSwap

Skin or Theme Manager

The currency token to use is required to be listed in the Currency section with the right configuration paired with stable coins / native coins and decentralize exchanges. dApp owners wishing to add new or currency of choice for their marketplace is required to add and configure the currency in the Currency section to be visible for other users to accept the same crypto in their respective deployed dApps.

Royalty Manager

Configure the royalty beneficiary and share once to be used on all dApps which uses the EIP-2981 standard. Royalty information cannot be changed once set to prevent new owners modifying the original royalty for the creator

The Marketplace dApp Features:


Marketplace owners can deploy their marketplace to any supported EVM blockchain where our factory contracts is deployed


Marketplace owners can configure multiple accepting crypto currency on their marketplace but they need to list it first in the factory. No verification is needed to use new currency if it is added to the currency list


Payment crypto currencies are setup with different exchange router which means that it will run conversion on the decentralized exchange where it was configured to.

Owner Configured Fees

Marketplace owners can configure the listing fees as low as $1 per listing and purchase transaction fees as low as 1% of the NFT item price. These fees can be waived for non-profit endeavors or by paying an annual subscription fee.

Gas Economy

The NFT marketplace contract functions are improved to utilize low gas fee transaction calls. We believe that each function call must be gas effective to ensure that it runs faster and gets prioritize on every block. Through this, creators can save ethers or native tokens to run more functions in the future. We believe that the cheaper the gas cost, the better experience we can provide to our users in any on-chain transaction.

Credit Ledger for Listing Fees

Instead of paying mint fees on every listing which is gas expensive operation, a credit ledger system is added to the contract to allow creators purchase listing credits using any acceptable crypto currency for future use. Each marketplace has its own listing credit ledger, so users cannot re-use a listing credit from one marketplace to another, as they also offer different price for fees depending on what marketplace owners offer and configured in the contract. Listing fee is instantly deducted from the listing credits of the seller on whenever they list an NFT item. If the NFT is not purchased and is delisted by the seller, the listing credit is refunded instantly.

Collection Type Detection

Market smart contracts are now able to detect NFT collection type such as ERC721 and ERC1155. It can also detect the correct quantity or edition of an NFT item based on asset type thus prevents incorrect quantity set on listing and buyers are protected with getting the NFT when transaction complete. It verifies ownership of the NFT item on listing prevents seller from listing non-owned NFTs. It also instantly informs the buyer that transaction will fail if seller is not the owner.

Collection Agnostic

General purpose marketplaces can allow any collection contract from any marketplace but other niche-specific marketplaces only allow Xircus Collection Interface Contracts such as for music, video and others as it offers extended functions for subscriptions, rewards, tier level attributes, and more

Upgradeable Skins

Skins are essential to the type of business the NFT marketplace will support. Users can choose from different types, from General Purpose, Physical Items, Artwork, Game Items, Music or Audio, Video or Livestream, Charity, Adult or Fan Base, DAO Avatars, Property, Ticketing, Loyalty or Vouchers, Luxury, Social Media and many more. Each skin has its own unique features such as subscription, NFT or token rewards, fractional or split distribution, voting, DAO or tier levels. Skins can be upgraded to the same business type it was set to, for example, Music NFT Marketplace can only be upgraded to a Music Premium NFT Marketplace skins

Modular Components

These module components can be installed to the deployed marketplace which allows the dapp to grow as new modules are created by Xircus Web3 Protocol development team or the developers community. Here are the possible features of these modules
  • Collect and Reward
  • Subscription
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Tier Levels
  • Voting Points

Royalty Configuration

The marketplace contract detects EIP-2981 royalty standard and prioritize when processing royalty shares. If the NFT item has not royalty compatible, then the seller can configure the NFT item royalty address and share on listing. The royalty cannot be changed after it was configured for the NFT item.

Instant Referral

We made it one-step for cheaper gas deployment with our improve smart contracts. This thus not just impact our marketplace owners but Xircus Web3 Protocol deployment team as well as we can deploy factory contracts for a fraction of a cost.