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Market Explorer

Discover Web3 dApps deployed by ringmasters, use your XW3 tokens to increase the marketplace reputation by voting up, view marketplace performance, earnings and stats

Overall Market Performance

Get live analytics of your dApps!
Deployed dApps are instantly listed by their specific niche or category. Marketplaces for instance are searchable using keyword to match the name, provisional or custom url or marketplace contract address. The listing gives the marketplace competitive advantage for owners who wants to introduce their marketplace to Xircus Web 3 Protocol users who are exploring or visiting the Xircus Studio.
The public listing of the marketplace gives exposure. The marketplaces shows all the vote count and ranking as well as QR code to quickly scan marketplace content.
This can be filtered or ordered by relevance, chain support, users, sales, etc.

Voting Feature for DAO

DAO members can instantly vote up marketplace to move up their rankings. DAO members can use all their voting power to quickly lift the marketplace to higher rank which is a feature of the XircusPunks voting power.

Multi Chain Support

Each marketplace shows the blockchain logos of where they are currently deployed. It gives hint to user on which blockchain these marketplace are operating to ensure compatibility with their blockchain wallets and tokens.

QR Code, Follow and Share

Each marketplace contains action buttons such as QR code which generate a QR image of the market information for mobile scanning to display all items listed by the marketplace in the Xircus Web3 Protocol Mobile Application. We added follow to engage users about the marketplace activities, announcements, new listings, top sales and more. To spread the word about the marketplace, the share button gives the marketplace an opportunity to be shared to social media channels where it instantly generates social links with the marketplace url and verbiages