NFT Aggegator

Aggregated NFT data from Different GraphQL Providers
The retrieved on-chain data from marketplace contracts stored by decentralized GraphQL providers are combined together to serve aggregated content for api consumers. Through this, we can create another layer of service to quickly search the entire network of marketplace and retrieve the data based on search conditions and recommendation. The aggregated content can be used for mobile applications with the intention to promote the NFT assets and redirect users to marketplace where collectors can purchase them.
What are the benefits of the aggregator service?
  • Combines all NFT asset from multiple multi-chain marketplaces
  • NFT visibility and search-ability
  • Aggregator Contracts - like randomizer or mystery boxes
  • NFT asset exposure to Xircus community and app visitors
  • NFT collection listing for account profile
  • All importable collections of OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation and others will show up in the aggregator