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Provider Center

Deploying a decentralized infrastructure is essential in supporting future marketplaces by providing a tampered-proof, future-proof data hosting served by providers who deployed one-click apis
The Provider Center gives any user the opportunity to host dApp data through GraphQL API endpoints deployed through one-click buttons. These APIs can be extended, improved, or modified by forking the repository. dApp data are stored permanently via the blockchain via IPFS and contract events. These data are cached and stored via non-sql database such as MongoDB which offers a faster response time compared to relational databases.
Each provider is required to create an account in Github to clone or fork the provider API and deploy via serverless infrastructure such as Vercel or Cloudflare Workers.
Unfortunately due to cloudflare worker timeout issue when requesting from any web3 endpoints, the team migrated to utilize Vercel instead.
In the future, we will create xircus graph docker containers that can be deployed to AWS, Digital Ocean, GCP or Azure.

Provider Contract Type

Please refer to Provider Contracts

How to earn as marketplace data provider?

Marketplace providers earns from 20% of the platform commission, estimated at $100,000 for every 1 million NFT minted. Providers can share earnings with the community by deploying a provider delegation contract where delegators can earn distributed USDs. In return, provider earns $XW3 reward token

How to become a marketplace data provider?

In order to become a provider, a participant must hold $10,000 worth of $XW3 tokens


  • Vercel Account
  • Github Account

Here are the steps

  1. 1.
    Create a github account and copy your github username for manual whitelisting
  2. 2.
    Go to, select network BSC and connect wallet
  3. 3.
    Click Manage Apps, tab, paste your github username, click on Approve Staking, then click on Join As Provider, expect 1-2 days for technical team to whitelist your github username to One-Click Deployers
  4. 4.
    Join the Xircus Discord, message your tx hash to Provider channel

Are there any infrastructure cost to setup as data provider?

Yes, please refer to Vercel pricing for serverless Refer to Mongodb pricing Refer to Redis pricing Additional limit

Why staking of $10,000 worth of $XW3 is required?

The staking ensures that a provider is committed in serving cached NFT marketplace data. The staking is locked for a year with 5% initial burn ($500 worth of $XW3 tokens).

Provider Staking Increases Yearly Based on Transaction Volume

Here's a sample projection based on transaction volume within the Xircus platform
Transaction Volume
1 Million
3 Million
5 Million
10 Million
Staking Requirement

Providers Staking Renewal

If provider decided to renew their staking for another year 60 days prior to expiration. The provider is entitled for same staking requirement from the current year.

Provider Unbonding

There will be a 15 day delegation unbonding thawing period before the $XW3 token is fully available for release

Provider Delegation

Data providers can deploy a delegation contract to allow backers stake their tokens to receive redistributable rewards or revenue from provider commission of 20%. These tokens are bought from crowdfunding launchpads such as IAO (Initial API Offering) offered by the provider

What are the APIs to deploy?

  • Marketplace API - for general purpose marketplaces
  • Game API - for games, includes token rewards, encrypted wallet generator
  • Subscription API - for membership, fan or subscription based marketplaces
Providers can only deploy 2 apps per each API

What is "sync"?

Deployed APIs by provider performs smart contract indexing for NFTs and caching NFT metadata to offer faster queries to marketplaces. The sync feature allows regeneration of entire marketplace data including user participants. This ensures that you can instantly switch one provider for the other.

What is the maximum number of web3 app to be indexed by data providers?

  • Maximum of 5,000 apps per provider
  • Estimating 5,000 apps at an average of 100 transactions per day, that is approximately 500,000 transactions per day, at 15M transactions per month

Can web3 app owners change data providers?

Yes, they are allowed to change provider if the current provider decided to stop hosting or their hosting stake is done. All data will be backup via IPFS as hashed file for app migration with new provider