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Xircus Graph

The Graphs are services created to standardize and structure backend service for decentralized applications deployed through Xircus Web3 Protocol

Xircus Registry Graph

The Registry GraphQL is based on xircus-web3/graph library. It is designed to structure, manage and store apps before deploying the marketplace contract on-chain. Apps registered are used for the metadata of the deployed marketplace contracts. It also stores collection data that are fetched on-chain, it has authentication endpoints that issues JSON web tokens to user for token protected API endpoints.

Xircus Provider Graph

The Provider GraphQL API is based on xircus-web3/graph library. It is designed to manage and store marketplace data from deployed marketplaces on different blockchain networks. It retrieves on-chain data from marketplace contracts, process them, and store to SQL or No-SQL databases for faster future retrieval to serve the app customer facing apps.
The Provider GraphQL is extendible, it means that developers can extend the functionality of the API service by adding extra endpoints and schema designed on specific for market they want to support. For example, offering integration with Facebook or Twitter for getting on-chain discount on NFTs and more -- the possibilities for customization are endless.

Domain Name Management

We have registered multiple domains for provisional use for dApps. Users will have a choice to select a domain name for their apps. Each name is unique and only one can exist so users must think of their app names carefully. Domain names are managed and routed by Cloudflare, a cloud firewall network acting as reverse proxy to ensure that requests are fast and secured. Subdomains are provisioned by the Registry API to our domain name service provider. For every new app created, a new subdomain is added to the list.
Cloudflare DNS is an enterprise-grade authoritative DNS service that offers the fastest response time, unparalleled redundancy, and advanced security with built-in DDoS mitigation and DNSSEC.

App Name Reservation

Some app names are not available for public to prevent unauthorized or malicious use. We decided to preserve brand names to ensure that only authorized entities can use them. This helps the ecosystem onboard real world brands and companies to Xircus ecosystem to strengthen and promote the service for real world mass adoption. We set a goal to interact with every Web2 brand and companies and onboard them to Web3 with our painless and interactive tools and services we have created.