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Xircus Web3 SDK

The Web3 SDK contains core, react and graph libraries to quickly create, build and deploy any web3 application with frontend and backend apis


The core (@xircus-web3/sdk) is a javascript library built from blockchain js libraries such as ethers, solana-js, cosmos-js, near-js and more.
It is wallet provider agnostic as it can connect to almost any blockchain rpc apis, including browser and injected wallet such as Metamask, mobile wallet like WalletConnect and Coinbase
It consist of modules bundled together to function relative to one another.
  • Wallet module connects the user to get account details, native balances, token transfer, chain metadata, message signing, address decoding and provider functions such as asset watching and network switching
  • Contract module allows the user to prepare transaction call using contract interfaces and auto-encoding parameters. It allows to call token currency account balances, token transfers, token approvals, token allowances and request for token metadata.
  • NFT module allows the user to fetch nft metadata directly from the contract, identify nft token type such as EIP721, EIP1155 or EIP4907, verifies
  • Deployer module allows the user to deploy marketplace contract through the factory contract. It prepares the parameters needed to make the transaction successful such as name, url, skin, provider, listing and transaction fee configuration. It also contains all the deployer factory for other contract as well like EIP20 deployer, staking deployer, Punk EIP721 deployer, vault deployer and more.
  • Storage module that allows file uploads to ipfs api endpoints and returns the parse url for nft metadata. Checking nft balance and sending nft transfer via the core.
  • Provider Graph module that allows user to connect to provider api endpoints to feed app and marketplaces data, nft data, listing data, activity data and more
  • Registry Graph module that allows user to connect to xircus registry for managing applications, currencies, configurations and basic account authentication that issues authentication tokens


The react (@xircus-web3/react) is a javascript library that can work to any react base app or framework, Next or any react based framework. It consists of different modules that
  • Context Provider module on managing state data, meaning that it is aware of changes from wallet providers, blockchain connection and accounts changes and instantly reflect and ripple the updates inside the application.
  • Hooks that contains bits and pieces of the SDK such as getting token balance, chain metadata, requesting
  • Component UIs that are tailored fit to help developers inject react components to application from data received from the SDK such as display data for token, nfts and account.


The graph (@xircus-web3/graph) is a javascript library that compose and structure database models for backend graph apis for faster and easier deployment. It contains type definitions and resolvers that utilizes the @xircus-web3/sdk library for core functionality and store them as database records to provide fast queries to requesting apps. It contains modules that are designed to work on different serserverless cloud and database providers. It manages the migration for both SQL and no-SQL configuration using Mongoose and Prisma ORM

External Marketplace Compatibility

  • ThirdWeb
  • Seaport
  • Rarible